This world is full of problems.

problems we face in this life is not an end of everything ..
instead it is a whip for us can be more than the previous ..
I once heard a story from a friend, she told me about the meaning of a problem that we face, he told this speperti,,
there was a grandfather who had bamboo in his yard and the old man spoke to the bamboo, “Messenger of bamboo, can I cut you to make you a pipe to channel water to the rice disawah me alive and flourishing”, then the bamboo is answered, “What will the master do if I want to master slash”, then the old man replied “I’ll cut you first, then I’ll clean-cabangmu branch with a knife, so that branch-cabangmu not hurt those who passed you, then I’ll make a hole in screen-and clean your screen “, then the bamboo said,” if it is going to hurt me once, O lord, whether I will be strong through it “, then the old man replied” you must be strong, to live alone before I believe you can, then you would be more beneficial and you will be more beautiful “. then the bamboo replied with a sense of emotion, “I’m ready epidemic, do everything, I’ll Sanat senagn once if I could be useful to others and can be more beautiful if I do”

from there we can take a very deep wisdom, namely that the problems that we can be that a whip for us to be more beautiful kitaa and be more helpful ..
so keep the spirit, and always positive berfikiran in every step of our lives


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