The Dreamer …
My feet touch the ground
When I opened the door of the new luxury accompany this full one
Buramnya me get this straight away from a style

When I saw small children playing a small mound of dirt
When their mother and father drove a spear world seeking the blessings
What can I control
What can I send down on them …

Approach was light
Fluff like chicks who started off
Enter into the cavity of their lives
Which is not a case of strange to me

I tote bag on her right shoulder bututku
Severe enough for them to get it
But it was light enough for me to pass it on and achieve more

I show them the ease to set foot in the world
They remind me thick skin sharp gravel feet flat
Their smiles blush, flicker caught my pain
Only one question can kupendam
Until when can I dream this world ..


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