Forth the most economical and cool it using a motorcycle, but if you put forth a motor Matic? why not!?. Assuming the common people, motor matic less suitable for long distance use, alias just for inside the city. Well who’s to say?! …

I myself, more often use motor matic to visit areas that are still cool, especially the high plains and mountains. Likewise with the event going home, every month I do perjalakan approximately 150 Kilometers to meet my parents, more efficient and faster. 150 Kilometers travel takes 2.5 hours and about 2-3 liters of gasoline.

Or favorite hobby is difficult to understand, there is more choice kok car motor? most people would say.

When going home this time you’ve decided to use a motor matic, you should double-check your state motor matic. Surely if there diperjalanan constraints, matic motor is still relatively difficult to find his shop except in authorized workshops.

If you have not experienced I recommend to take it to the official garage to check, here is a checklist that may be useful for you.

CVT is the most important part to get attention, Check Drive Belt is still good or not, when it began the cracks, should be replaced, on average will experience a rift belt at 15000-20000 miles, depending on usage. Then check Roller, when it becomes worn or no longer round, should be replaced. Clutch and clutch spring, check whether the pads were thick canvas or not, if the thinning should be replaced, the thin canvass can cause slips, the result will be more hot CVT, and power will be reduced especially if the ramp.

Front and rear brakes should be in top shape, do not ever reckless driving with the brakes condition free from tension or less good, because it is very, very dangerous. Matic machines have engines very small break, so the role of the brakes (Front and back) is very vital.

Carburetor air filter and
Clean the air filter, to the carburetor, just sprayed using Carburator Cleaner.

Reset valve rift manual refers to each motor matic. Do not be too far apart and not too tight.

When the oil is nearing replacement time, you should change the oil immediately. Use the oil according to the specifications.

Lumai the parts that require lubrication such as the base of the brake lever, standard, Footstep, etc.. Use lubricants that contain silicone (WD 40, AP 75) to be easily cleaned.

Do not regard lightly the safety accessories such as Spion, Instrument Lights (headlights, sein, brakes) must be functioning properly.

Safety is primary, respect fellow road users, safe going home:)



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