modifikasi tiger

tttMany times a biker regret making modifications only for trivial reasons. “It’s been out a lot of money kok ga still comfy, too”. Ga comfortable yes, because the model is still less gahar chill, less dynamic, or less compact. Visible here and there is still dirty. Such feelings could also arise because the motor is still good to drive, aka geyal-ga geyol karuan, less airodinamis appropriate posture, or weight ga ngacir strong. Or, most important, which is run modif not meet the security element. The longer the improvements here and there makes the bag even more rude. Overbudjet and most severe, bored before the project itself perfect modif.

Ironic indeed, modif which was expected to bring satisfaction and pride now it brings a sense of frustration and embarrassment. Not to mention the sacrifice of cost, effort, and time is not small. So what our tips to avoid problems like the above?

Edwin Tutkey, a biker-looking tiger quite moderate, once likened the modif it like a house built projects. “That kitchen is often ate a lot of costs”. That is, the modif details that we need to be more careful because if the layout and model fitting ga, will give the impression less comfortable and ultimately require additional costs constant.

Someone could make an outline of the desired modif like an architect designing a house blue print. But outside the calculations on paper, its realization is sometimes had to ask for additional budget and time is not small. For a hobby modifikator modif and reliable, motor menganggurkan weeks to many months are common. Fund issued a modest one if necessary. But for those who make the ride as working assets and social assets, would be very difficult to lose a ride if only for a few days or 2-3 weeks.

Then if so, what is the solution? Try to consider the following tips:

1. Prepare the motor you want to dimodif. Should think carefully such that the motor was time to completely revamped. Like your clothing, motor overhaul will spend quite a lot of cost. Motor that really should’ve hard body is rejuvenated & one of the most revolutionary is to change the legs and overall body appearance. However, if the engine is bad, you should not. It will be more awkward and embarrassing. “Cook’s cute motor euuuuiiiiiyyy strike”, he teased a group of cool cew bang sometime in the longer ndorong Yogi modifnya motor.

2. Determine the direction in which the concept modif you want. Clarify in advance for your function. These modif concept should do for a particular purpose. If for daily use, you simply select the concept of minimalist modif. One of the most obvious of these forces is to improve the things that you feel is not perfect. In the case of motor tiger, you can choose between changing the legs or changing body. Many consider that the tiger is the perfect bike, but minus some details. And what they mean is the legs. If you are not satisfied with this, please apply the highest satisfaction considering the waste is located at the foot of using waste modif moge (read article Modifications to the Starter Motor). The price is relatively affordable compared to buying a new leg of the same type moge.

But if you are more hooked change body style, could be looking for fiber or plate body which is usually available at accessory shops and garages modifications. If redeemed at the general store, the result would be mass often make many aliases. Of course if you want more content and unique, please go to the workshop to be made in accordance modif concept of cool.

Typically, modif legs will bear streetfighter look, because the original model is a naked bike tiger. By enlarging the feet of waste motor mengensankan moge will be ready for this type of all melibas route in the city. But if you do modif body accompanied by a change let alone the fairing model, the results often we call the style “sport bike”.

3. Discuss with modifikator or your friends about the concept. Adjust the budjet. Especially once you have fussy about some details. Ask the concept modifikator he was prepared according to your wishes, reply to ask for an example (photo) has become the motor. Ask to the details, and how much the total cost of the lowest cost if you do not need to change some details of the concepts / examples offered.

4. After getting a first draft, take it to the house for consideration. Do not be decided in the workshop when it was also because of psychological distress and you can so you are overexcited (too happy). Consideration the benefits to the style you want and do not hesitate to seek advice from family and other colleagues who might be helpful.

5. Review all right again. Calculate the total cost and calculate the new cost more if some details were omitted.

6. If you have decided between the total modif appropriate initial concept of modifikator or only partly, it is time you contact another modifikator for another price opinion (second opinion) to obtain another option (second option). If you are comparing satisfied, now you can go back to the shop or store that you want.

7. Make a clear contract with modifikator its cost and payment terms, quality of workmanship and time. Get used to always see on a regular basis to ensure the job went according to plan. Take care to avoid the concept offers / new details could result in exceeding the budget budjet.

8. Do not forget to check in detail the details and the overall results after the motor kelar modif. If you need to make a news show about his condition before accepted. Make sure everything is OK before the handover and the payment in full.

9. Try all went well and persuasively. Each of our communication with modifikator will impact on future aftermodif services. Each vehicle must have a level modif “risk” and “crisis” in contrast to the standard motor. Therefore, not all can handle a general mechanic. The best deal in the event of trouble is modifikatornya own. Therefore, your communication is good (and also a good payment) will give satisfaction to each party, and may thus also on other aftermodif cooperation.

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