Matic……OK downk.

Along with the widespread use of motor skutic matic or in the community, it would appear too many thoughts about the motor matic side.

One of them is about the dangers of driving habits;
“The habit of using non-matic motor, then use the motor matic will cause problems. Forgetfulness is the handle of the gas used to play at the beginning of such non-matic motor, so the motor will be directly matic and sped up because the gas quickly and suddenly. ”

It may be above opinion is true, considering that most of Indonesian people have a culture indifferent to the safety, discipline and lack of knowledge of procedures for the use (SOP = Standard Operational Procedure).

Business of Motor Manufacturers:

But of course the manufacturer is out and sell this product matic will not remain silent with their market conditions are “low edukated” this. Surely the Technical Education and the Business to consumer products, they (the motor manufacturers and sales distribution network) will continue to try to design a safe operation as well as technically and educating people on how to use and drive a motor matic product correctly. Indeed all these efforts will come back again useful to support their product sales.

Knowledge Society and Information Flow:

Currently, the Indonesian people also began to reach the various media of information and knowledge. Internet media began to reach into all levels of society. Internet presence in remote schools, hot spots in public places and some public facilities government.
Communication technologies more affordable will also stimulate the public interest to obtain the latest information.
Indonesian society will more easily connect and interact with the flow of information and knowledge, which will assist and encourage these nations to get to know and accept the general progress of technology and transportation in particular. Motor Matic is no longer a difficult thing to understand, including the methods and procedures for the correct usage.

By Design Technical:

Matic motor designed with security devices when first turned on. Brake lever to be pulled first, if the rider wants to turn this engine matic. Matic motor or engine is certainly not going to live. So the sequence of this procedure will immediately remind the driver to realize that this motor system adopted CVT / matic which is not allowed to play at the gas handle on silent motor. “Signal Remainder procedure” (the same principle used by car matic, matic and the car did not ‘jump’ when first turned on when used with non-matic variant of cars, too).

Discipline Driver:

It is the main factor remains held by the discipline concerned motor driver. Of course, with self-disciplined when driving any vehicle that, this kind of ridiculous events do not need to happen. This attitude is very much needed discipline did not look at whether the driver was driving a motor variants and non-matic matic, so all vehicles can be very dangerous without kedisiplian supported by the drive or start driving the vehicle.

Fact Matic field:

Based on the facts in the field, how many drivers are accustomed to using the motor non-matic variant will have an accident like that diopinikan above? especially when I started using motor matic variant? There is no significant data to support this article. But surely if similar incidents are frequent, then it is not possible matic variant increasingly become the trend motorcycle like this. Such accidents over the course opinions will be blunders developments and trends matic barriers in Indonesia.
Currently based on AISI (Motorcycle Industry Association of Indonesia) for selling perkategori, matic motor develops an enormous contribution in the 5 years that have passed and the greater projected until 2012 to come.
When events occur frequently diopinikan above, the AISI data certainly would not say so.
So based on this AISI data, it has happened according to the above opinion and the opinion was limited discourse and no clear statistical evidence. Facts speak other field through AISI data.


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